Lorry Crane Services

Lorry Crane Services

Looking for a crane service provider for a lifting job? Look no further. We’ve a wide range of lorry cranes for hire to suit your needs, all our cranes are fully certified, regularly inspected and maintained. They are customisable with various attachments ranging from grapples, concrete bucket and sand bucket to double man cage.

Together with our fully trained and qualified crew, we can provide a range of standard and customised services at your request.

Our Fleet:

  • 10 tons lorry crane
  • 15 tons lorry crane
  • 17 tons lorry crane
  • 22 tons lorry crane
  • 26 tons lorry crane
  • 36 tons lorry crane
  • 50 tons lorry crane
  • 75 tons lorry crane c/w winch & Fly jib

Whether you need a daily, weekly, monthly contract or any other special requirements, be sure to call 67643488 or Contact us for a fast and friendly no obligation quote here.